Nas Promotes Self by Bashing Fox

Posted: Jul 23, 2008 8:52 AM
The rapper Nas will bashing Fox News to promote his new album today.

He's planning to deliver more than 600,000 petitions asking Fox News to stop their "racist smears" against the Obamas. Why would he be doing this? One of the new tracks on his is titled "Sly Fox" link with song and lyrics HERE. (Really, the song is terrible. Don't bother clicking.)

And, oh, Nas wanted to name  that new album is a word that starts with the letter "N" I am not going to write here. But, the NAACP threw a fit and now it's just "Untitled." I guess he couldn't think of anything else?

I'm guessing he's hoping for some free publicity from Fox by making a big show, Michael Moore style, storming their building. I've been to the Fox New York studios though and let me tell you, everything is ultra secure. Good luck, Nas!