Obama Trashes Right-Wing for Attacking Michelle

Posted: Jul 17, 2008 8:31 AM
I wasn't surprised to see Barack Obama talking about his wife to Glamour magazine. I was surprised to see him bashing right-wingers for driving up Michelle's negative ratings. As if it's our fault she made those comments about being proud of America.

In the interview, Obama all but summons Hillary Clinton's notion of a vast-right wing conspiracy out to "get him."
Talk shows, talk radio?.When you see in the span of two or three or four weeks essentially the same talking points being used on a whole variety of shows or a whole variety of columns, over and over again....Hillary Clinton was subject to this, others have been subject to this in the past.
Obama also reiterates his promise to never, ever make Cindy McCain a campaign issue. Perhaps he'd better have a talk then with Jamal Simmons, the DNC strategist being sent out to CNN and other news outlets to do the dirty work.  I wrote about this yesterday HERE.

Portions of the interview are on Glamour's political blog, Glamocracy where I blog every Tuesday.