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Over At Glamour

Here's my weekly post on Glamocracy:

I feel violated.

This election season has been racialized, genderized and heck, even agecized so much even I'm offended. That is, offended at the amount of whining going on because someone dare mention something like the "white vote."

Barack Obama is crying foul because John McCain had the audacity to bring up the fact a member of the terrorist group Hamas endorsed Obama. Obama complained McCain was "smearing" him and accused McCain of "losing his bearings" i.e., old man McCain is off his rocker and confusing things.

In layman's terms Obama threw down his "race card" and raised McCain the "age card."

But I don't understand how discussing Hamas is a "distraction" as Obama calls things that highlight his weaknesses. Is terrorism now off-limits because Obama's middle name is Hussein? I'm having a hard time figuring out the obscure political correctness standard on this one.

Obama is countering the so-called slime by dredging up the Keating Five scandal McCain was implicated in. This is what ultimately led McCain to push horrendous campaign finance laws roundly hated by conservatives. Keating Five is "fair game" says Obama.

Obama's right. Keating Five is absolutely fair game. And so is Hamas. Not because of Obama's middle name, either.

These issues aren't "smears." When McCain talks foreign policy, it isn't an attack on Obama's upbringing. The proper response is not calling McCain an old man. This seems obvious. What is ever more obvious is someone's  "cards" are being overplayed. Obama's. And I think it's time for him to fold 'em.


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