Key Excepts from Obama Speech

Posted: May 06, 2008 10:08 PM

-"We can't afford to give John McCain the chance to serve out George Bush's third term."

-“Yes, we know what’s coming, I’m not naive. We’ve already seen it, the same names and labels they always pin on everyone who doesn’t’ agree with all their ideas, the same efforts to distract us from the issues that affect our lives by pouncing on every gaff and association and fake controversy in the hopes the media will play along.”

-He will end divisions between Democrats and Republicans, “not by duplicating the same tactics and the same strategies as the other side because that will lead us down the same path of polarization and gridlock. We will end it by telling the truth. We will end it by telling the truth forcefully, repeatedly, confidently and by trusting the American people will embrace the need for change even when it’s coming from an imperfect messenger.”

-“The other side can label and name call all they want. But I trust the American people.”