Obama Brings Up Those Cookies

Posted: Apr 16, 2008 8:43 PM
I don't think Obama knows how to go negative well.

While responding to her charges that he's too "elitist" at the Democratic debate tonight Obama said she's been called the same.

"She has gone through this," Obama said. "You know I recall when back in 1992, when she made a statement about how, what do you expect, should I be at home baking cookies? And people attacked her for being elitist and this and that. And I remember watching on TV and saying, well, that's not who she is; that's not what she believes; that's not what she meant. And I'm sure that's how she felt as well."

So far it sounds like this whole elitist debate boils down to something like this:
"You're too elitist!"
"No, you're too elitist!"
"Aw, screw it. We're both elitist!"

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