When All Hope is Gone, There's Hillary

Posted: Mar 05, 2008 10:00 AM
Glamour asked me to do some reaction to the contests last night that I thought I would pass on:
I must say, it's utterly delightful for Republicans to watch Democrats destroy the best chance they've had to take the White House in years.

 Hillary's Ohio-Texas two step win last night ensures the bitter party infighting will continue although the long-term delegate math isn't in her favor. Hillary won't let this get in the way of her White House dreams. After all, there are superdelegate arms to twist and possible re-elections to be had in Michigan and Florida.

Hillary's advisers want you to believe she won yesterday on issues like "security" and "economy" but give me a break. It was a "kitchen sink" strategy of negative attacks against Obama that saved her campaign. She worked overtime in the run-up to what I call "Alamo Tuesday" to paint him as weak on foreign policy, allege his campaign was privately consulting with the Canadian government on trade and raise questions about his ties to the  "slum landlord" Tony Rezko.

Just don't call it the politics of personal destruction. By the time Hillary is done, she'll have crushed all hope out of the party, too.

While Clinton and Obama are busy trying to figure out how to take each other out through the rest of the spring, GOP nominee John McCain will be mounting a national campaign, raising money and mending fences with the party's conservative base. And, if Republicans are lucky, Hillary's negative attacks on Obama might just provide the cover Republicans need to until November when they can unload on her.