The Hill: FBI Director Comey Might Be Under Investigation For Disclosing Renewed Clinton Email Probe

Matt Vespa
Posted: Oct 31, 2016 3:40 PM
The Hill: FBI Director Comey Might Be Under Investigation For Disclosing Renewed Clinton Email Probe

FBI Director James Comey is the Left’s favorite punching bag for disclosing that the bureau will review new Clinton-related emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The laptop was being search by the FBI in an unrelated investigation into the former congressman’s online interaction with an underage girl. Abedin, Weiner’s estranged wife, also used the laptop, hence the emails sent to the State Department, including Hillary Clinton. There are repretley around 650,000 emails that need to be reviewed.

Last Friday, Comey sent a letter to Congress informing them that the probe into Clinton’s emails has more or less been renewed. It set off a firestorm on Capitol Hill, with Democrats, who used to love the FBI director, slamming him for not offering enough details, not reviewing the emails, and in some cases, being on the side of Russia. Now, that letter to Congress might have the director himself be the subject of a federal investigation, according to The Hill:

A federal agency has likely opened an investigation into whether FBI Director James Comey is interfering in the presidential campaign by disclosing new materials related to the federal probe concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails.

An Office of Special Counsel (OSC) spokesman declined to address whether the office opened an investigation in response to a complaint by Richard Painter, a former White House ethics lawyer. However, a spokesman noted that it generally would.

“It's OSC's longstanding policy not to confirm or deny the existence of an investigation,” Nick Schwellenbach said in an email to The Hill.

“In general, OSC opens a case after receiving a complaint."

We’ll have to see what comes of this, but there are some questions relating to this new information, including why did it take so long for FBI agents, who knew of these new emails weeks before Comey, to brief him the day before he sent the letter to Congress. It could be related to the speculation that there’s an internal revolt at the FBI, where agents involved in the email investigation were extremely disappointed, even sickened, that the FBI director declined to press charges against Clinton in July. Palace intrigue aside, Comey told staffers in a memo that he felt compelled to inform Congress due to testifying on the investigation multiple times and to update the status of the investigation since it was, for all intents and purposes, closed. Moreover, he’s accused of playing politics; imagine what the blowback would be if he decided to inform the public of the new emails after the election. Hillary Clinton’s penchant for secrecy, playing by her own rules, and setting up an unauthorized and unsecure emails sever that could have endangered national security put the FBI in a major bind—and now Comey is getting eaten alive because of it.

Over the weekend, the FBI obtained a search warrant to review the remainder of the emails.