Let’s Get It Out: Clinton Goes On Offense, Demands FBI Release More Details On Renewed Email Probe

Posted: Oct 28, 2016 7:25 PM
Let’s Get It Out: Clinton Goes On Offense, Demands FBI Release More Details On Renewed Email Probe

In Des Moines, Iowa, Hillary Clinton decided to hold a very brief press conference, lasting less than fifteen minutes if that, going on offense against the FBI, commenting that it’s impetrative that they release more details relating to Director James Comey’s letter that an investigative team will be reviewing more emails relating to the original probe into Clinton’s emails. These new emails were found in a separate investigation into Anthony Weiner’s online interactions with an underage girl. They were looking into Weiner's laptop and found that top Clinton aide Huma Abedin also used it to send emails to the former first lady. Clinton said she was confident that the new details wouldn’t change the FBI’s decision not to file charges against her, which occurred in July.

The former first lady said she wasn’t contacted by anyone prior to the letter being sent to Congress, which is why she demanded they release more details immediately.

“Let’s get it out,” she said to reporters.

Regarding how this will impact the election and voters who are about to vote, or might already be thinking of voting in states that allow early voting, Clinton said that she feels people have made up their minds about her email use a long time ago, but they’re now picking a president. She encouraged all to cast a ballot this year.

In all, the Clinton response was to put the onus on the FBI to get this resolved as quickly as possible since they don’t know what to believe at this juncture.

On CNN, Jeffrey Toobin, their legal analyst, noted that this would not be a quick review. If we’re still combing for classified information, those details won’t be released haphazardly. This is going to be a long review, as thousands of related emails were found on the laptop. David Gergen, who has advised Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton, said that he felt it was the right thing for the FBI to make this development public, as there would have been charges that he hid this from voters after the election, but added that the Justice Department also kept the public dangling with this–and that more details should be released. 

Last Note: Clinton said the letter was only sent to Republicans, but Democrats were also cc'd on it.