Decision Time Approaching For Texas Restaurant Owners On Open Carry

Matt Vespa
Posted: Dec 21, 2015 9:15 PM
Decision Time Approaching For Texas Restaurant Owners On Open Carry

In June, Gov. Greg Abbott signed open carry legislation into law, and now Texas restaurants have until January 1 to decided whether to permit or prohibit patrons from open carrying their firearms in their establishments. Houston-based news outlet ABC13 reported that some are split concerning the new law, with a few locations in the city opting not to offer their opinion at this time.

The new law, set to go in effect January 1, allows private businesses to bar people from visibly packing heat. To do so, they must post specific signage.

At Brooks' Place in Cypress, owner Trent Brooks told abc13 he doesn't just welcome open carry, he encourages customers to show off their guns.

Brooks even plans to offer a 25 percent discount on January 1 and 10 percent every day after for those who open carry.

"I say if you're in a place and something happens in a family oriented place that doesn't allow guns, where is your protection? By the time you call the police, it's too late," said Brooks. "We support it 100 percent. We support it because we believe in the Second Amendment. We believe in the right to protect your home, your family, and your business."


We reached out to several restaurants. Many didn't want to comment publicly on the matter and said they are still making a decision.

Whataburger opted against open carry back in July.

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