ISIS Continues Brutality in Latest Video Showing New Method of Execution

Leah Barkoukis
Posted: Aug 10, 2015 8:45 PM
ISIS Continues Brutality in Latest Video Showing New Method of Execution

Not content with beheadings, throwing men off buildings, or burning them alive, the Islamic State has moved on to yet another gruesome method of killing prisoners: blowing them up.

In a new propaganda video released by the terrorist group, the jihadists are seen burying explosives in the ground in an undisclosed location in Afghanistan. The prisoners, whom the group referred to as “apostates,” are blindfolded and forced to kneel where the bombs have been buried. The jihadists then detonate the bombs, killing all 10 men.

The Daily Mail has more details:

All the victims are described as 'apostates', according to the ISIS video, which appeared on jihadi social media accounts last night.

It is believed the victims are from the Shinwari tribe and were accused of aiding the Taliban in the Afghan province of Nangarhar, where ISIS was recently expelled.

Several of the other victims were also condemned to death for helping the Afghan government counter the longstanding insurgency in the troubled country. […]

The final scenes are too graphic to describe but represent the inhumane brutality of the jihadi organisation, who are continuing to grow in strength in Afghanistan.

What is perhaps even worse than the group’s brutality is the vast number of people who sympathize with the terror group. According to a survey conducted by this spring, 81 percent of respondents said yes in regard to a question over whether they support the Islamic State’s conquests in Iraq and Syria. Only 19 percent of responded answered, “no.”

A report released in early June that analyzed the results of four recent polls determined that 8.5 million people view ISIS positively, and another 42 million view the group somewhat positively.