Enroll America's New Strategy to Sell Obamacare? Singing Pets

Posted: Feb 05, 2014 7:21 PM

Young women aren’t signing up for Obamacare. Enroll America’s remedy for that? Launch a multi-million dollar ad campaign featuring singing (and rapping) pets.

Head meet desk:

“There have been challenges in getting messages out,” Enroll America’s President Anne Filipic told USA Today. “People don’t have the facts they need to know.” And, presumably, a rapping pug is the answer.

Filipic says the singing dogs, cats, birds and other animals will “help break through the clutter” and will resonate with the public. According to USA Today, Filipic backed her claim by pointing to statistics that show “more than 60 percent of homes have a pet and more than half of female pet owners would risk their lives for their pets.”

Consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow told USA Today that “just the image of animals tends to soften people. “Animals open you up, allow you to see the message and pay attention to it.”

The product has not changed, the premiums are still through the roof, and the vast majority of young people do not feel they need it. But yes, I’m sure this will be the game changer the administration is so desperately hoping for.