[Video] Planned Parenthood: Abortion--No Matter What

Leah Barkoukis
Posted: Sep 19, 2013 4:05 PM
[Video] Planned Parenthood: Abortion--No Matter What

Students for Life released a video today you won’t want to miss. In roughly three minutes, the group exposes the truth about Planned Parenthood and how the abortion giant targets college-aged women and men.

It all starts with sex education programs, promoting promiscuity, passing out free condoms and getting children hooked on sex, the video explains. Selling low-quality contraception will inevitably bring people back to Planned Parenthood for STD and pregnancy tests. And when young women do get pregnant, Planned Parenthood’s close proximity to universities (79 percent are located within five miles of a college campus) makes it easy for them counsel women into getting abortions. According to former Planned Parenthood employees, their affiliates have quotas to meet, which is why there’s only one adoption referral for every 145 abortions. Abortion, after all, is big business. “On average, Planned Parenthood rakes in $150,000,000 from the nearly 334,000 abortions they perform a year,” the video states, according to figures from Planned Parenthood’s annual report.

There are organizations that care about young women and men, and can actually help, such as local clinics and pregnancy centers. Planned Parenthood, however, isn’t one of them—they’re about abortion, no matter what.

Students for Life is currently on the road for the Planned Parenthood Project, an eight-week tour of 41 universities across the U.S., with a goal of educating “this generation about Planned Parenthood’s real motives and turn them against the abortion Goliath and towards pro-life, pregnancy resource centers where they can go for honest, real help.” For more information about The Planned Parenthood Project, click here.