The RNC's Birthday Present to Obama: A Constitution

Posted: Aug 01, 2014 9:59 AM

President Obama's birthday is on August 4th, and the Republican National Committee is sending him a copy of the Constitution. You know, for review purposes.

President Obama was, in a previous life, a professor of constitutional law. That's what makes his blatant disregard for the Constitution so much more unfortunate. Not that ivory tower academics would be the best judges for the interpretation of the Constitution, but one would hope he'd have some base-level awareness of how it limits government powers.

Unfortunately, he's shown that not to be the case.

As the RNC will write to its members:

Unfortunately, President Obama has done irreversible damage to America. He has undermined our standing in the world, shaped our nation to be dependent on government handouts and created a nanny state where centralized power dictates our lives.

Monday is President Obama’s birthday. And we are going to send him the reminder he needs

We will NOT stand for Obama’s constitutional overreach.

President Obama has worn out his last ounce of good will with Republicans on Capitol Hill as he's time and again stretched the limits of what executive power means. Surely he's actually read the Constitution; he just has never shown any interest in actually abiding by it.