Rubio: No, Republicans Shouldn’t Primary Trump in 2020

Posted: Aug 13, 2018 1:55 PM

As the 2020 presidential election continues to inch closer Never Trump Republicans, along with Democrats who want to divide and conquer the right side of the political aisle, keep desperately promoting a primary challenge to President Trump. 

But former GOP presidential candidate and Florida Senator Marco Rubio is shutting down that idea, warning it will only lead to defeat. From AP

“I’m not primarying the president, and no one else should either unless we want to lose the White House,” Rubio told The Associated Press. “I’m kind of approaching every day as if the U.S. Senate is the last place I’ll ever serve in public office and trying to make that meaningful.”

In the meantime, President Trump's reelection campaign is already well underway with fundraising, grassroots organization on the ground, rallies around the country and a new slogan: Keep America Great.