Actually, Trump Supported Going Into Iraq and Said So in 2002

Posted: Feb 19, 2016 1:40 PM
Actually, Trump Supported Going Into Iraq and Said So in 2002

Donald Trump made a lot of news and caused major controversy on the Republican debate stage last week when he accused President George W. Bush of intentionally lying about WMDs in order to invade Iraq. In addition, Trump claimed he was against the war in Iraq in 2002 before the invasion in 2003. This is a claim he has repeatedly made on the campaign trail, yet there is zero evidence to show Trump actually took this position. No interviews, no printed opinions, nothing. 

 It turns out Trump did not oppose the Iraq war before it officially began. In fact, he actually supported it. 

Trump has long claimed that he was always against the 2003 Iraq invasion, and he uses it as evidence of his foresight in foreign policy. But BuzzFeed unearthed a 2002 clip of Trump telling talk show host Howard Stern that he wasn't opposed to invading the Middle Eastern country.
"Yeah, I guess so,” Trump told Stern when asked if he was in favor of an Iraq invasion. “I wish the first time it was done correctly.”
Confronted with this contradiction at a South Carolina town hall, Trump said he didn't remember making the comment but admitted, "I could have said that. ... I wasn't a politician."

Ah, but Trump is a politician now, which is exactly why he's a) lying on the campaign trail about opposing the war before it started 2) changing his position.