Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Say Hillary Being a Woman "Doesn't Matter Much" In Getting Their Vote For President

Posted: Apr 13, 2015 2:00 PM

Now that Hillary Clinton has officially announced her run for president, experts and pundits will be studying more closely why Americans will or will not vote for her. 

Based on her campaign launch, Clinton isn't interested in touting her time as Secretary of State to get herself in the White House. Instead, her campaign will be all about "breaking glass ceilings" and asking for votes in order to make history as the first female president. The goal is to accuse all critics of her policies and 35 year long record in Washington of sexism and misogyny. As Cortney reported earlier, militant feminists are already out in full force, accusing those who call her Hillary Clinton, instead of Hillary Rodham, of feeding America's patriarchal society. 

But if Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to win the White House, she's going to have to find a better campaign platform than, "I'm a woman, vote for me." A new Bloomberg poll released over the weekend shows Clinton's female candidacy has little bearing on garnering votes from Americans.

Over to you, Carly Fiorina: 

"I'm not running because I'm a woman. The facts are I am a woman. I've never been a token in my life."