Cornell Assistant Dean: Why Yes ISIS Is Welcome on Campus To Train Students "Like a Coach"

Posted: Mar 25, 2015 11:30 AM

In the latest investigation by Project Veritas, Assistant Dean of Student Activities Joseph Scaffido is shown approving a "humanitarian group" on campus that wants to sent care packages to ISIS freedom fighters in Iraq and Syria. 

"Programs like that really have a good place here at Cornell," Scaffido is shown saying.

Scaffido even goes so far as agreeing that bringing an ISIS fighter to campus to train and talk with students would be a great idea and that funding from the university would be available to do so. 

"It's just like bringing in a coach, to a do a training on a sports team or something," he said.

I'm going to give Scaffido the benefit of the doubt and assume he has no idea what ISIS is...I hope that's the case.

Meanwhile, college campuses around the country remain extremely hostile to conservative student groups and speakers on campus.