DOJ Expert Witness: Blacks Are Less Sophisticated Voters

Posted: Oct 21, 2014 9:30 AM
DOJ Expert Witness: Blacks Are Less Sophisticated Voters

Opponents of Voter I.D. laws have a slew of emotional reasons why they oppose identification requirements at the polls on the Election Day, but their main argument is that Voter I.D. legislation is racist. But while anti-voter I.D. liberals accuse their opponents of racism, they often engage in bigotry themselves. 

Take for example DOJ expert witness Charles Stewart's recent comments that blacks in North Carolina are less sophisticated and therefore Voter I.D. laws must be abolished. Former DOJ Attorney J. Christian Adams has the story

An expert witness paid with tax dollars by the United States Department of Justice testified that North Carolina election laws impact black voters disproportionately and that blacks are less sophisticated.

Charles Stewart, a political scientist was retained by the Justice Department to testify against voter identification laws and other election integrity measures. His testimony argued that ending same day voter registration and requiring voters to vote in the precinct where they live constitutes racial discrimination.

"Understanding within political science, that people who register to vote the closer and closer one gets to Election Day tend to be less sophisticated voters, tend to be less educated voters, tend to be voters who are less attuned to public affairs. That also tells me from the literature of political science that there are likely to be people who will end up not registering and not voting. People who correspond to those factors tend to be African Americans, and, therefore, that's another vehicle through which African Americans would be disproportionately affected by this law," Stewart said.

As a reminder, 70 percent of registered voters in America, including black voters and Democrats, support Voter Identification laws. 

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William Marshall

As Adams points out in a separate piece, opposition to Voter I.D. is another example of the Left's soft bigotry of low expectations.