WATCH: Israeli Soldiers Talk About the Fight Against Hamas

Posted: Aug 05, 2014 8:50 AM

Fox News' Sean Hannity is in Israel to report about the conflict and ongoing tension between Israel and Hamas. Last night Sean caught up with Israeli Defense Forces soldiers for his show and talked to them about their experiences on the ground in Gaza. Two of the soldiers he interviewed are actually Americans now living and serving in the Jewish State.

"They're [Hamas tunnels] very sophisticated, lots of things we didn't think we'd see," one solider said. "Just the amount of money and time spent making every single one of them."

"We're here to destroy the tunnels and make a world a safer place to be," another soldier said, adding that Hamas spends all of its resources building tunnels to destroy Israelis instead of to build hospitals and schools.

Late last night a ceasefire between Israeli and Hamas was announced. If it holds, members from both sides will travel to Egypt for talks and negotiations.