Benghazi Victim's Mother: I Can Picture My Son's Face Before He Was About to Die

Posted: May 02, 2014 8:15 AM

Last night, Pat Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim and Information Officer Sean Smith, appeared on Hannity to react to new emails showing the White House coordinated talking points in order to shift focus away from Obama administration policy failures and onto an Internet video. She also reacted to new testimony yesterday from retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell, who said he never received orders from the State Department to send help to Americans under attack in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 and that they should have tried.

"I keep flashing back on my son receiving the telephone call that says 'Sorry, there's no help coming, you're on your own.' And I can picture his face as he was about to die," Smith said. "Why didn't our government and our military go in to help him and all of the others who were there? Nobody cared enough. They were covering their butts for something."

When Smith's son came home for a final time at Dover Air Force base almost two years ago now, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hugged her, blamed a video for what happened and promised her if any information changed she'd be one of the first to know. She's still waiting.