Obama's America: 50 and 60-Years-Olds Moving in With Parents to Survive the Economy

Posted: Apr 21, 2014 2:00 PM
Obama's America: 50 and 60-Years-Olds Moving in With Parents to Survive the Economy

Welcome to Obama's America, a place where 50 and 60-year-olds are moving back in with their parents in order to survive terrible, ongoing economic conditions. From the NYT:

Debbie Rohr lives with her husband and twin teenage sons in a well-tended three-bedroom home in Salinas.

The ranch-style house has a spacious kitchen that looks out on a yard filled with rosebushes. It's a modest but comfortable house, the type that Rohr, 52, pictured for herself at this stage of life.

She just never imagined that it would be her childhood home, a return to a bedroom where she once hung posters of Olivia Newton-John and curled up with her beloved Mrs. Beasley doll.

Driven by economic necessity — Rohr has been chronically unemployed and her husband lost his job last year — she moved her family back home with her 77-year-old mother.

At a time when the still sluggish economy has sent a flood of jobless young adults back home, older people are quietly moving in with their parents at twice the rate of their younger counterparts.

For seven years through 2012, the number of Californians aged 50 to 64 who live in their parents' homes swelled 67.6% to about 194,000, according to the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and the Insight Center for Community Economic Development.

Is this really what the American dream has come to? Adults moving back in to care for elderly and aging parents who need care is one thing, this is quite another. The unemployment rate of 6.7 percent is bogus. Millions are out of work, 47 million people are on food stamps (imagine how that picture if people still had to line up in bread lines) and the White House, along with Nancy Pelosi, is telling people they don't have to work because they can "be an artist," or "avoid job lock" thanks to Obamacare.

All that being said, the millennial generation (my generation) has a pretty bad reputation, but this latest news makes the baby boomer generation look way worse.