Howard Dean Tries to Argue Young People Aren't Needed for Obamacare to Work

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Oct 28, 2013 7:08 AM
Howard Dean Tries to Argue Young People Aren't Needed for Obamacare to Work

Democrats are trying nearly everything they can to stop the American public from completely bailing on Obamacare thanks to the massive train wreck of a roll out we've seen over the past month. Yesterday on ABC's This Week, former DNC Chairman and Democratic Presidential Candidate Howard Dean tried to argue that young people aren't needed for Obamacare to succeed, which is completely false. Dean also argued the roll out of the Obamacare website hasn't been chaos (the good parts are between minutes 1 and 8).

“It is not true that if young people don’t sign up that the program doesn’t work,” Dean said.

Despite Dean's fantasy of Obamacare working without a large number of healthy young people in the system to help pay for older sicker people, the fact is without this demographic, Obamacare collapses on itself. Even the White House has admitted this, hence the reason Health and Human Services Secretary has been targeting young people through ad campaigns, the NFL, "brosurance" and The Daily Show.

Before Obamacare became law, millenials weren't making heathcare insurance a priority in their budgets for two reasons: 1) They can't afford it 2) They don't need it. Now that Obamacare is law, millenials aren't rushing to sign up because 1) They still can't afford it, especially now that it's even more expensive than before 2) They still don't need it or see it as a priority and 3) As S.E. Cupp pointed out on This Week, they aren't going to sit on a website for hours or call a 1-800 number for coverage that is more expensive and difficult to sign up for.

“Obamacare relies on Millennials, these young invincibles, who have never bought health insurance in the past, to suddenly change their behavior and buy something they don’t think they need,” Cupp said. “But culturally, it reads as an inability to read their language…Millennials don’t meet in person with insurance brokers or travel agents, or anyone…They’re not going to be patient as the administration tweaks all of these glitches.”