Bobby Jindal Unveils New Plan to Replace Obamacare, Talks 2016

Posted: Apr 02, 2014 6:30 PM
Bobby Jindal Unveils New Plan to Replace Obamacare, Talks 2016

In a new plan discussed today, Governor Bobby Jindal outlined his alternative plan to Obamacare. So instead of Democrats always pretending like Republicans just want to repeal the health care law, here is the replacement that Governor Jindal has in mind.

As is no surprise, this makes a clear path to a potential run for president in 2016. But when reporters asked the governor about what this means for 2016 he said, “In terms of 2016, look, it’s no secret that I’ve said it’s something I’m thinking about. But right now, I’m focused on winning the war of ideas.” Finally, someone who has legitimate ideas that Republicans can get behind and support. Tell the Democrats we don’t just complain, we come up with alternatives!

In what he calls “The Freedom and Empowerment Plan: the Prescription for Conservative Consumer-Focused Health Reform,” we would repeal Obamacare while giving a new proposal to lower health care costs. The new plan would guarantee access to people with pre-existing conditions, while increasing the health care choices for consumers.

According to an executive summary of the plan, it gives “all individuals the same standard deduction for health insurance, regardless of whether they obtain that health insurance from an employer or on their own.” This will help with major inequities in our tax code. The plan will also give states a grant pool of over $100 billion over 10 years for innovation. “States could use these funds to subsidize insurance coverage for low-income individuals who would not receive tax savings from a health insurance deduction, and individuals with pre-existing conditions.”

During a morning breakfast meeting today, Jindal also made sure to mention that he believes Republicans should nominate a governor for president in 2016 because “they’ve run things.” So even though we don’t have a decision from the governor in regards to his plans for the next election cycle, we do have some interesting ideas coming from his office. With this new alternative to Obamacare, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will it be something he uses for a potential run? Or will it be something that lawmakers on Capitol Hill can use in order to try and repeal the failing Obamacare law.