Shocking: Pelosi says Obama is a President of 'Great Vision'

Posted: Nov 04, 2013 5:15 PM
Shocking: Pelosi says Obama is a President of 'Great Vision'

In an interview with MSNBC (shocking!), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had quite a few things to say about President Obama, the Obamacare rollout disaster and presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Although she missed Mitt Romney’s appearance on “Meet the Press”, Mrs. Pelosi had some harsh words for the former presidential candidate.

“I don’t even know why Romney was on that show myself,” she said. “I want to know what about the future – what about the future. But the fact is that President Obama is a president of great vision, of knowledge, of great judgment.”

First off, learn to speak English. Second of all, maybe just maybe Mr. Romney was on this show because of the fact that he was almost president. And finally, it is most probable that Romney was on “Meet the Press” because of his expansive history in health care legislation and history in Massachusetts.

But isn’t it great that she could fit in some kind words for the President? Great vision, knowledge and judgment? Wow. She does realize he isn’t running anymore, right?

Making it clear just how out of touch she is with the American people, Pelosi also made sure to explain that the affordable care act is helping MOST people. The Associated Press reported that at least 3.5 million people who have received cancellation notices for their existing health care plans. But clearly that doesn’t matter to Mrs. Pelosi. She said, “For 95 percent of the American people who have health insurance that is the case. For the small number in the private market, they will do better.”

What happened to the old party platform of the Democrats trying to help everyone? Now 3.5 million people don’t matter? Well if you ask me, that just doesn’t make any sense Nancy.