Next Week's New Yorker Cover Takes on Glitches

Posted: Nov 02, 2013 12:25 PM
Next Week's New Yorker Cover Takes on Glitches

Everyone is jumping on the ‘making fun of Obamacare’ bandwagon. Last weekend the cast of SNL made fun of rollout train wreck and now the New Yorker is joining that group. This coming week’s cover (as seen below) is a drawing of Sebelius crossing her fingers and President Obama on the telephone, huddled around a computer with a tech trying to make it work.

 photo newyorker_zps9b5d0404.jpg

This is quite amusing because the tech guy is trying to use a floppy disc to make improvements on the website. As many people know, the use of floppy discs has basically become so outdated they are not in use anymore. Perhaps it is time to do more than hire outdated techs and just crossing your fingers to make things better.