Video: Watch Donald Trump Bash People for Hours on End

Posted: Aug 04, 2015 5:00 PM
Video: Watch Donald Trump Bash People for Hours on End

The perfect compilation video to get you in the right mindset for Thursday’s festivities: Donald Trump bashing people he dislikes for 10 straight hours. What more could you ask for?

Finally, this video exists — although it appears the reel only plays the same clips on repeat. Still, kudos to IJReview for putting this masterpiece together.

Watch as The Donald scolds President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Secretary Kerry, Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. John McCain and even Rosie O’Donnell. (I only watched for six minutes before calling it quits). In effect, Trump is an equal opportunity offender, and thus has no qualms whatsoever about offending anyone. And while some of the clips are indeed a bit on the older side, they're very much worth watching.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2016 Republican frontrunner.

For what it's worth, Trump has hinted recently he won’t actually throw verbal “punches” when the curtains open and the lights come on Thursday evening. We’ll see.