Scarborough to GOP Leadership: 'Get Your A** to Selma'

Posted: Mar 06, 2015 5:30 PM
Scarborough to GOP Leadership: 'Get Your A** to Selma'

Normally I don’t use expletives in my headlines but does Joe Scarborough not have a point? Skip ahead to the 4:45 mark:

“A disappointment for me this weekend is the fact that Republican Leadership isn’t going down there. And I’ve been looking at the camera more today than I have in a lot of shows. Hey Republican Leadership, get your ass down there. Put somebody on the plane and send them to Selma. Get down there. This is not hard. Don’t golf. Don’t raise money. Get somebody in the Republican leadership down to Selma to celebrate an extraordinary moment in American history.

This is a missed opportunity. The fact that television anchors have to essentially shame Republicans into attending a ceremony they should want to attend in the first place is truly mystifying. What else could they possibly be doing that is more important? The snub is especially frustrating because the House Majority Whip has actually been accused (unfairly, I might add) of being a racist for exercising poor judgment as a state legislator. This is another reason why Scarborough’s indignation and disappointment is not ill-founded.

Bottom line: This is a ceremony Republican leaders have a responsibility to attend. Let's hope that they change their minds.