Biden: The "Change" We Sought in '08 "Didn't Happen," Huh?

Posted: Jul 16, 2014 7:00 PM
Biden: The "Change" We Sought in '08 "Didn't Happen," Huh?

Who can forget the lofty rhetoric and endless campaign promises from 2007-2008? The 'Obama for America' hype was a once-in-a-generation grassroots movement that mesmerized Americans of all political stripes. After the slump of two foreign wars and a devastating economic crisis, the public was eager -- no, thirsting -- for a new kind of leader who would restore American greatness and rebuild America's image around the world. That man was Barack Obama.

Six years after he was elected, however, the “Hope and Change” slogan that once carried him to victory has been relegated to the ash heap of history. Now, it seems, the very phrase itself is met only with scorn and derision.

For what it's worth, Vice President Joe Biden essentially admitted as much today at the Make Progress Conference, inadvertently suggesting that perhaps the administration's biggest regret was its failure to bring change to America:

Change is still possible, Biden implied in the clip above, but that task will almost certainly fall to others -- and other administrations. Oof.