Must-see TV: The Obama Workout Video

Posted: Jun 04, 2014 4:45 PM

There’s nothing better than an anaerobic workout to get the heart rate up. Admittedly, it’s a great way to burn off stress and build muscle. It’s something many Americans do on a regular basis -- including, apparently, the president of the United States.

Unbeknownst to him, though, on an overseas trip to Poland Tuesday he was caught exercising in the gymnasium at the Warsaw Marriot Hotel. And of course, it was later leaked to the media:

Pretty funny stuff. My only concern: where was the president’s security detail? Strange that some anonymous lifter could record him working out, no questions asked. Then again, maybe allowing complete strangers total and unadulterated access to the president is standing operating procedure. At least that’s what the Secret Service is telling us:

A spokesman for the Secret Service said the situation at the gym was "no different than if the president visited a restaurant off the record and other diners took pictures of him."

Obama regularly poses for pictures with diners or bystanders when he makes unscheduled stops during trips, although the view into his workout routine is rare.

"Hotel guests were not asked to leave the gym during this off the record movement, nor were they asked to refrain from taking pictures," agency spokesman Ed Donovan said in a statement.