Howard Dean: Republicans Should "Stay Away From Our Country"

Posted: May 21, 2014 3:00 PM
Howard Dean: Republicans Should "Stay Away From Our Country"

Why? Because any Republican who supports voter ID laws is “not American,” according to former DNC Chairman Howard Dean, and therefore should emigrate to “the Ukraine or Russia.” No, really:

“This country has been sold down the river by the right-wing for their own purposes. This is a Republican Party that has decided they like power so much that they think it’s okay to win by taking away the right to vote. They are not American; they would be more comfortable in the Ukraine or Russia…stay away from our country.”

There is, however, a slight problem with his argument: voter ID laws are broadly popular with the American electorate. Indeed, a new Fox News poll finds that 55 percent of Democrats support them. So let us, then, posit a question: Does Dean believe all Americans who support voter ID laws are un-American and thus should leave the country? Democrats included? Or does Dean's decree only apply to Republicans?

For what it’s worth, it never ceases to amaze me how the Party of Tolerance and its adherents can be so close-minded when debating the issues of the day, especially when the position they're advancing isn't widely shared by the public.