Despite Superdelegate Deficit, Sanders Will 'Continue to Fight Uphill'

Posted: May 04, 2016 10:00 AM
Despite Superdelegate Deficit, Sanders Will 'Continue to Fight Uphill'

What more does Bernie Sanders have to do to prove he deserves to stay in the 2016 race? He soundly won Indiana Tuesday night, yet the media continues to call Hillary Clinton the "presumptive nominee" without blinking.

This is because the imbalanced superdelegate totals offer Sanders no path forward. Although Sanders has won several primary contests, Clinton has 520 superdelegates to his meager 39.

Well, emboldened by his Hoosier State win, Sanders told CNN that he is not going anywhere.

"It's an uphill fight for us. But you know what? I started this campaign 60 points behind Secretary Clinton. We've been fighting uphill from day one," the Vermont independent told CNN's Jake Tapper and Dana Bash in an interview after winning Indiana's primary. "We will continue to fight uphill and I think we still have a narrow path toward victory."

Sanders and his supporters have often voiced their disapproval of the Democratic primary process, calling it a “rigged” system that favors the establishment candidate. Party officials, of course, insist they have no idea what he’s talking about.

On Fox News Wednesday morning, Alan Colmes argued that Sanders has made Clinton a better candidate, pushing her to the left on several issues. This kind of pressure, Colmes insisted, will help her reach millennials in the general election – a demographic she has since failed to attract.

First, however, she needs to hold off that pesky and persistent Vermont senator.