Is Security Footage Not Even Seen in Real Time? Eerie Picture Exposes Brussels Security Gaps

Posted: Mar 23, 2016 11:30 AM
Is Security Footage Not Even Seen in Real Time? Eerie Picture Exposes Brussels Security Gaps

A disturbing picture from the Brussels airport (shown above) captures a still of the three suspects behind Tuesday’s horrific attacks before they killed over 30 innocent people. The two suicide bombers have been identified as brothers. The third is still on the run. Just as eerie as that screenshot is failure of the security in Brussels to pick up on the red flags all too apparent in the photo.

On Fox News Wednesday morning, Judge Andrew Napolitano analyzed the photo and pointed to the suspects’ hands. The two brothers each were wearing just one black glove.

 “The gloved hand tightly grasping the luggage cart, indicates it is containing a detonator,” Napolitano explained.

“Next to them is a guy wearing a mask,” Napolitano continued.

The photo, Napolitano said, was taken from 5-minute video, which raises a few important questions: Are security cameras there to help security personnel solve crimes after criminals do their deadly deeds, or are they watching in real time? Was someone watching this monitor or was it in a computer chip in a closet?

“We need to use technology” to prevent future attacks, Napolitano insisted. While the judge doesn’t know if the security could have completely thwarted the attack, he notes that security does have access to devices that “could have isolated” the bombers.

The Fox analysts also noted the attack is reportedly the result of another pair of brothers, just like the Tsarnaevs in the Boston bombing a few years ago.

These familial terror ties, Napolitano noted, makes it easier for them to proceed with their attacks.

Beyond poor airport security, Europe is suffering under what many leaders call a lenient immigration policy. As Sen. Ted Cruz noted, this is no time to be politically correct.