Hillary's Potential VP Nominee Distances Self on TPP: 'I Support the President'

Posted: Oct 19, 2015 12:00 PM
Hillary's Potential VP Nominee Distances Self on TPP: 'I Support the President'

Hillary Clinton has been seriously considering HUD Secretary Julian Castro as a potential running mate in the 2016 election. She may be dismayed to hear, then, that he just distanced himself from her on trade and admitted she flipped flopped on the issue. In an interview at the Texas Tribune Festival this weekend, Castro said he supports the trade policy although Hillary recently came out against the deal. “Do you worry about her inability to stick with a position on key issues?” The Texas Tribune's Evan Smith asked. Castro said no and that Clinton has stuck to her guiding principles throughout her political career.

JULIAN CASTRO: “Let’s take one example, which is TPP. You know, on TPP, that was a comment that she made, what, two-and-a-half or three years ago before the deal was actually negotiated.”

EVAN SMITH: “Before there was an actual thing to be for or against.”

CASTRO: “Yeah, there’s no parameters for that deal, none of the details are actually on paper. So, there may have been a phrase that was used, but was anybody at that time actually able to address the deal as it was. No because there was no deal. Now, I will say, you know if full disclosure, I support the president.”

SMITH: “So you’re for it and she’s not.”

He then went on to say that although he disagrees with her on TPP, Clinton has still proven to have a broad base of support within the party.

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Yet, that base may be shrinking thanks to her ever changing mind. At the first Democratic presidential debate last week, CNN’s Anderson Cooper listed several instances in which Clinton altered her positions on important issues, before asking her point blank, “Will you say anything to get elected?

No wonder more voters find it hard to trust her.

Now, even Clinton’s potential VP picks say he’d be just fine with Bernie Sanders as the nominee.

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