Really: NY Legislator Wants Warning Labels on Soda

Posted: Nov 16, 2014 3:00 PM

Warning: You’re about to drink a very sugary substance! As if you didn’t know that already…

A New York assemblyman who’s apparently trying to be the next Michael Bloomberg has just introduced legislation to include warning labels on sodas, syrups and concentrates. More from the New York Observer:

Assemblyman Karim Camara today unveiled new legislation that would slap warning labels on bottles of soda and other sugar-heavy beverages to notify consumers of the risks of diabetes, obesity and tooth decay associated with the drinks.

A little excessive, huh? Nevertheless, Camara offered this defense of his proposed bill:

“This is about a pragmatic piece of legislation. This is not about an attack on an industry for the sake of the industry. This about doing what’s best for children and adults in our society,” said Mr. Camara. “We cannot afford for our children to continue to be overweight, to continue to have learning problems, to have health problems that may lead to difficult lives and at times illnesses that can lead to the loss of life.”

Yeah, a warning label should do it.

New Yorkers shouldn’t have to stare at stickers that shout the dangers of drinking soda. This is America - we should be able to drink a cold glass of Coca-Cola without feeling guilty. We know it’s not the healthiest beverage option in the world, but it’s our choice. And darnit, it tastes good!

New Yorkers and beverage industries shouldn’t be too worried, however, considering how that ambitious Big Gulp ban in the Big Apple ended.

New Yorkers don’t need a nanny. Legislators like Camara need a new hobby.