A Tale of Two Rallies: Sen. Begich Gets ‘Dozens,’ While Sullivan Packs a Car Dealership

Posted: Nov 03, 2014 11:30 AM
 A Tale of Two Rallies: Sen. Begich Gets ‘Dozens,’ While Sullivan Packs a Car Dealership

Perhaps this is a foreshadowing for tomorrow?:

Alaska’s two major U.S. Senate candidates each began their final push Saturday, with incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Begich hosting a few dozen supporters for a rally at an Anchorage union hall, while Republican challenger Dan Sullivan packed a Fairbanks Chrysler dealership with hundreds for an appearance with Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican and tea party favorite.

Cruz may be a factor for the large crowd Sullivan drew for his event. The Texas senator declared that Begich’s support for Harry Reid equals a vote that says, ‘I hate oil.’ Clearly, this is a message that resonates with Alaskans.

At one point in his own rally, Begich said this election is “going to come down to people” – an interesting statement considering his paltry audience. If it’s going to count on numbers, Sullivan clearly had the upper hand this weekend.

Those following the Alaska Senate race are perhaps familiar with Begich’s debate lie Thursday night where he stated he did not run attack ads against Republican Ted Stevens in the 2008 Senate campaign and then foolishly challenged viewers to go to YouTube and see for themselves. Well, to his chagrin, they did and caught the senator in an outright fib.

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Another instance that proved the Democratic senator is running a desperate campaign is when Begich refused to name President Obama by name and essentially “shoved his party’s president gently under the campaign bus,” according to the LA Times.

Our poll tracker still has Sullivan up by three. Stay tuned to Townhall for all your election needs tomorrow!