Protesters Fail to Deter Pro-lifers From Rallying at DC’s Planned Parenthood

Posted: Oct 14, 2014 4:00 PM

As I approached the crowd, a Planned Parenthood clinic escort in a bright orange vest offered to stand alongside me as I walked, presumably to “protect” me from the big bad pro-lifers holding a rally. Unfortunately for him, I didn’t need his services.

Led by Live Action President Lila Rose, Tuesday’s pro-life rally in front of Washington, DC’s downtown Planned Parenthood clinic was anything but rowdy. Rose and her fellow pro-life warriors exposed Planned Parenthood’s dangerous sex advice to teenagers, the organization's devastating abortion statistics and Obamacare’s funding of abortion, among other atrocities. Here’s just a glimpse of the powerful rally, which not even a protester who shouted, “Shame on you! Let women make their own health care decisions!” could disrupt.

“I want to draw attention to their sexual agenda for teens,” Rose said.

Rose wasn’t kidding. She went on to discuss how her group Live Action produced an eye-opening investigation this year revealing that Planned Parenthood employees were encouraging girls as young as 15 to engage in sadism.

No wonder, Rose insisted, “The vast majority of Americans do not want to fund this.”

Rose also made the somber point that women who walk into abortion clinics never do so feeling powerful – they go to their appointments in a state of weakness.

There is a way, however, to empower women who are facing unplanned pregnancies so they can understand abortion is not their only option, Rose told Townhall:

“I think it’s important that women are aware of the vast amount of resources that are available to them. There are over 3,000 crisis pregnancy centers in our country offering free confidential services before and after pregnancy, so I think that’s something that’s key that women are aware of. And the money that’s funneled into Planned Parenthood – why isn’t that going towards positive solutions for women? Helping them with adoption and prenatal care, helping them with parenting. That is the way we should be investing our resources, not giving it to the biggest abortion chain.”

That awareness becomes difficult, however, when pro-abortion activists accuse pregnancy centers of operating as “fake abortion clinics.” But, Rose said there’s an answer to this kind of false rhetoric:

“I think that it’s important that we just get that information out there. I think the proof is in the pudding, so when people actually visit these centers and have amazing experiences, it’s a real help in their lives. It’s almost continuing to operate as they are and getting the word out about that we can their great resources, I think that the truth will be more powerful than the lie.”

Other speakers had personal stories to share in regards to their anti-abortion views. Joshua Duggar, the oldest child from TLC’s ‘19 Kids and Counting,’ spoke about his sister Josie, who he witnessed being born at 25 weeks in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“That wasn’t tissue – that was human life.”

Because Duggar saw with his own eyes how precious life is, he has pledged his life to defending the unborn.

The Radiance Foundation’s Ryan Bomberger also knows the importance of human life. He is the result of a rape and is thankful that his mom ultimately chose to carry him to term. Now, he is a bold advocate for the pro-life movement. Sometimes, however, he is affected by his obligated cause:

“I wish I didn’t have to be here,” he said. “This is the human rights issue today.”

Bomberger emphasized his statements by using New York City as a reference guide. In the Big Apple, he explained, more black babies are aborted than are born alive.

He concluded his remarks with a simple fact:

“Planned Parenthood is the bully.”

Knowing all of these unfortunate facts, it’s more important than ever that Americans are aware of the latest GAO report that reveals Obamacare subsidizes abortion.

What’s more, parents should be aware that Planned Parenthood has a frightening amount of access to their children. Missy Martinez from Students for Life of America noted there were a handful of schools within a short distance from the DC Planned Parenthood and that this was a trend across the country.

“We have to stop this organization from preying on our young women.”

Speeches are just the start. Call your local politicians, write letters to the editor and, vote pro-life.