Wow: Members of Congress Write Thank You Letter to Wendy Davis

Posted: Jul 05, 2013 1:00 PM
Wow: Members of Congress Write Thank You Letter to Wendy Davis
The House Pro-Choice Caucus has penned a letter to Texas State Senator Wendy Davis to thank her for her “powerful” and “courageous” 11-hour filibuster of the pro life bill SB5. The bill, which would prevent abortions after 20 weeks in the state, is significant because, as Dan reported, pre-born babies can feel pain as early as 20 weeks gestation. Yet, Davis spoke for 11 hours trying to save the morally questionable late term abortion procedure. Planned Parenthood thinks that’s pretty cool.

Perhaps the most frustrating language in the caucus’s letter is when they write how Davis’s passion and commitment “repeats a message that American women delivered at the polls in the 2012 election – that women matter and will be heard.”

So, once again, the pro-choice crowd is repeating the lie that the GOP doesn’t care about women. In the heat of the 2012 election, pro-choice advocates were busy claiming that when it comes to women’s health, “Mitt Romney simply doesn’t get it.” Or, they liked to spew this pleasant trifle, “Time and again, Romney has shown that he’s willing to throw women’s health under the bus in order to get elected.” Their reasoning? The fact Romney wanted to defund Planned Parenthood – the country’s largest abortion provider.

In a Fox interview in August, Romney explained how his pro life view proved his commitment to women’s health. “It’s not just men who think one way, women also in many cases are pro-life. There are two lives at stake: the unborn child and the mom, and I care for both of them.”

Based on the congressional pro-choice caucus’s recent letter to Sen. Davis, it looks like this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing of the GOP’s supposed “war on women.” But, in the case of the bill SB5, this looks like one battle pro choicers won’t win. Texas Governor Rick Perry has called for a second special session on the pro life bill and a spokesman for Sen. Davis has admitted she won't filibuster this time around. This can only give more confidence to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R-TX), who, speaking at the National Right to Life convention last weekend, pledged his determination to get the bill passed.

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"I am not discouraged. We will pass this bill out of the legislature."