Here's Hillary Clinton's Halloween Costume

Posted: Oct 31, 2017 8:30 AM
Here's Hillary Clinton's Halloween Costume

Hillary Clinton has unveiled her Halloween costume for this year, and boy is it a spooky one! 

At a book event in Chicago, she was asked what she's dressing up as this year. Her response? She's going as "the president." 

It's unclear from the video whether she means going as "Madame President Hillary Clinton," or as President Donald Trump. For what it's worth, the crowd absolutely ate up the line, and burst into cheers. 

(Honestly, both options are pretty darn scary.)

Of course, Twitter came through big time with the jokes:

...but seriously, this is getting absurd. This is embarrassing for Clinton's supporters. Mitt Romney and John McCain didn't parade around holding pep rallies with their adoring fans after they didn't win their respective elections. Would I have preferred a President Romney to a second term of President Barack Obama? Uh, yeah. Would I have side-eyed a little bit if nearly a year later he seemed unwilling to come to grips that he hadn't won the election? Most definitely. 

It's not healthy or normal to live in a fake-reality bubble.