Wikipedia Bans House Staffers From Editing Pages

Posted: Jul 27, 2014 6:30 PM

Following the launch of the Twitter account @congressedits, which shows edits to Wikipedia made from the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses associated with Congresss, Wikipedia has announced a 10-day ban on House staffers using that IP address to edit pages anonymously. Staffers, inspired that their Wikipedia edits would subsequently be broadcast to the 25,000-plus followers of @congressedits, were making unusual edits to various pages, prompting the temporary ban. House staffers that have official accounts on Wikipedia are still permitted to edit pages.

The Hill reports:

Apparently in reaction to the account, House staffers made a series of tongue-in-cheek edits, knowing they would show up on Twitter.

For instance, the Wikipedia page for “Moon landing conspiracy theories” was changed so that the theories were noted to be “promoted by the Cuban government.” Edits were also made to pages for the fictional reptilian race of aliens, ice cream brand Choco Taco and the secret society Skull and Bones.

As the edits are anonymous, it is unlikely the Choco Taco-loving conspiracy theorist working for the House of Representatives will ever be revealed.