Biden Visits Ukraine as War Marks One Year

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Townhall Review
February 24, 2023

Townhall Review – February 25, 2023

Following President Biden’s visit to Ukraine and Poland, Joe Piscopo turns to James Carafano, of the Heritage Foundation, and Hugh Hewitt turns to Mollie Hemingway, of the Federalist, to talk about the trip and what that means for U.S. support of Ukraine.

Hugh Hewitt and Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher talk about his recent visit to Taiwan and how the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a proxy of sorts for the geo-political struggle between China and the U.S.

Mark Davis talks to Texas State Representative Brian Harrison about the need for Texas to lead in protecting our children from the sexual and moral agenda of the left.

Kevin McCullough turns to Kelsey Bolar, of the Federalist, to talk about the U.S. pressing full steam ahead when it comes to surgical and medial gender “reassignment,” when Western European nations are pulling back.

Carl Jackson and Karol Markowicz talk about her recent article, “Tell Your Kids Marriage is More Important Than Money or Career – Because It Is.”

Dennis Prager reviews a Washington Post article on CDC data that our teen girls are depressed, feeling hopeless, and suicidal.

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