Hugh Hewitt: What to Hope for From a North Korea Summit

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Townhall Review
March 12, 2018

President Trump has agreed to go to a summit with the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jung Un.  Those who have watched three previous administrations fail to curb the North Korean nuclear program are stunned and wondering outl loud what could possibly come of such a meeting.

  If Donald Trump comes back with any concessions it will be a major win for his foreign policy even as the destruction of the physical caliphate of ISIS achieved under his watch is in sharp contrast to the fecklessness of the Obama years.  We are watching the renewal of a policy of peace through strength, and a key part of that is the massive budget increase passed by Congress earlier this year.  After 8 years of appeasement, American power is back and deployed around the globe.  It may be enough to bring calm to the Korean peninsula, or it may not work.  Either way, it is preferable to the appeasement that marked the Obama years.

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