20160123 THR: "ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror"

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Townhall Review
January 22, 2016
Host Hugh Hewitt catches you up on the highlights and lowlights from the recent Democratic and Republican debates. In between those two debates, Senator Marco Rubio joined Hewitt on his show. Senator Rand Paul went on the Mike Gallagher Show to discuss why he boycotted the undercard debate. Morning in America's Bill Bennett spoke with former Pentagon official Michael Rubin about recent developments in Iran. Dennis Prager knows that most colleges are a cesspool of liberal ideology. But there is a ray of hope coming coming in the form of one student who saw through the leftist facade. Prager shares her story. Michael Weiss, co-author of the New York Times bestseller "ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror" joined Hugh Hewitt. Dennis Prager discusses the politics of firearms in the final segment of the show.

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