Liberty or Firefox...You Choose! 4-11-14

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Townhall Review
September 16, 2014
Michael Medved on Mozilla CEO, Brandon Eich getting fired over his $1,000 contribution to Prop 8. Dennis Prager sees a new sort of McCarthyism with Eich’s ousting. Paul Kenger—From Grove City College—discussed with Bill Bennett how one of the Pope’s gifts to the president ended up being re-gifted it to current recipient of the Margaret Sanger award, Nancy Pelosi. Bret Stephens from the Wall Street Journal and Hugh Hewitt on Putin’s movement. Bill Bennett turned to K.T. McFarland—a national security veteran with service to Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan to discuss American decline-ism. The South China Sea is the geographical centerpiece of the new book from Robert Kaplan—titled “Asia’s Cauldron.” Kaplan was on with Hewitt to discuss.

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