David Hogg Hits the Late Night Show Circuit: 'It Takes a Child to Raise a Village'

Posted: Jun 20, 2018 10:45 AM
David Hogg Hits the Late Night Show Circuit: 'It Takes a Child to Raise a Village'

David Hogg's months-long media tour is picking up again, appearing Tuesday night on "The Tonight Show," where he and his sister Lauren pitched their "Road to Change" tour.

Jimmy Fallon helped spread the message, displaying during the broadcast a number viewers can text to join the Hoggs' movement. 

David Hogg wore a large "$1.05" price tag on his jacket during the interview, which he told Fallon is the amount of money the NRA contributed to Sen. Marco Rubio, divided by the number of children in Florida. 

During the interview, Hogg complained how hard it is for him to meet politicians to discuss his policy ideas.

"Imagine the person that you hold closest to you that is your shoulder to cry on, the person that you laugh the most with and cry with — and imagine that person is murdered," Hogg said. "And you go to politicians and you ask for moderate changes. And they won’t even meet with you. Or if you do ask them for changes, they say, 'Yeah, we’ll do that.' And then nothing happens. And you have to continue to see more and more people just like your best friend, your sister or your brother get killed again and again. Meanwhile, America sits back and does nothing."

The Hoggs, who also have a book out titled "Never Again," said the proceeds they raise will go toward "charity and taxes," with charitable contributions directed toward March for Our Lives, Chicago Strong, and other anti-gun groups.

"The other day to start — to kickoff our 'Road to Change Tour,' we were in Chicago," Lauren Hogg told Fallon. "And I started — I’ve started taking notes of things that people say to me, little snippets of things that really hit me. And one of the things, I was talking with a teacher who teaches on the south side of Chicago. And I was having one of the most amazing conversations I’ve ever had. And one thing that he said that really struck a chord in me was — he said, 'Growing up, people always, I’m sure, have told you, have told me, it takes a village to raise a a child. But I’ve seen in the last couple months that’s completely wrong. It takes a child to raise a a village.'”

Asked what viewers can do to help the Hoggs' activism, David said Americans should vote for politicians who support gun control, join their March for Change group, and visit communities like Chicago and ask what they can do to help stem gun violence. 

"We need everybody to vote so we don’t just elect Democrats or Republicans," Hogg said. "Don’t just vote for people because they have a “D” or a a “R” next to their name. Make them have an “A” next to their name for American, for a a human being, and not a a politician that will take things seriously and realize the gravity of policies that they’re implementing. And if you aren’t happy with the way people are running this country or any of the candidates you have to choose from, go out and run. Because you’re going to be that change that we need."

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