Donald Trump, the Wrecking Ball President

Posted: Feb 09, 2019 10:00 AM
Donald Trump, the Wrecking Ball President

Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator; Truman, "Give 'Em Hell Harry;" Abe Lincoln, the Great Emancipator or Honest Abe; Madison, the Father of the Constitution; Jefferson, the Sage of Monticello; Washington, the Father of his Country. 

Donald Trump in his first term is The Wrecking Ball.

Nothing could have defined this moniker more appropriately than the looks on every Democrat's face during Tuesday's State of the Union address. Despite their illusions, he's not wrecking the world, he's just wrecking their world.

Could there have been any more disgust from the party of platitudes than when he described the five million Americans no longer on food stamp rolls? That's five million people no longer dependent on government largesse. That's five million people who can now enjoy the fruits of their labor instead of the disparaging guilt of getting something for nothing. That's five million people getting up every day and taking pride in supporting themselves and their family. Worst of all for Democrats, that's five million people who no longer need them, and they don't like that one bit. Their faces showed it.

It's the same reason they didn't stand and cheer for American exceptionalism or President Trump's description of our number one status as a world leader. Thanks to the Wrecking Ball, Democrats' world is collapsing on top of them. With every swing, he crushes another part of their very being.

Like a giant wrecking ball, sometimes President Trump seemingly misses or only gets a small piece of the structure. Purists would like to see the structure taken down in one complete implosion, but it doesn't work that way. With every slow, deliberate swing, the Left's world crumbles a bit more. Sometimes a giant piece comes down at once and we all cheer, but other times the ball seems to do little that is immediately noticable. 

A wrecking ball isn't pretty and never seems efficient, but with consistent energy it takes out everything in its path. It's dusty and messy. It's noisy. But, blow by blow, it successfully dismantles the structure, one crumbling wall at a time. In the same fashion, the Left crumbles a bit more with every swing from this menace to their world, Donald J. Trump.

The crumbling mortar is the union workers who are seeing more jobs, more pay, and finally a president who is willing to stop the illegal flow of labor flooding across our southern border competing for their jobs. Every manufacturing job brought back to the U.S. is another brick fallen. Democrats scowl and grimace with disdain because they inherently know that it wasn't a government program or "shovel ready" jobs bill that saved the day. It was the Wrecking Ball doing what he does best.

Democrats did what they could to halt the Wrecking Ball. They protested. They filed motions to halt the construction project. They chanted, held hands and chained themselves to fences, but to no avail. The Wrecking Ball could not be stopped.  

On Tuesday they groaned, shirked, and grimaced when the Wrecking Ball announced that the United States of America, for the first time ever, is a net exporter of energy. That news didn't come because of a Leftist government program mandating solar power, windmills or unicorn fart-powered generators. It came because of the exceptionalism of the American oil man and his ingenuity. It came out of a capitalist motive for profit. These facts disgust them. Their scowls gave them away. They know that every month gas prices stay low, their leader's words, "We can't drill our way to lower gas prices," ringing more and more hollow. The Wrecking Ball strikes again.

The Wrecking Ball has repudiated their very reasons for existence: power and control.

There are those who would wish the wrecking ball to be prettier, shinier, and cleaner. They would prefer it not be driven by rough men with calouses on their hands, grease on their pants, and vinegar in their veins. Just like wars aren't won by playing nice, entire buildings aren't demolished by people playing Patty Cake. America needed a wrecking ball and it got Donald Trump.  

But what Democrats fear most is what comes after the wrecking ball...the new structure. Because in a short time, the Wrecking Ball will become the Builder. It's already started. The hiring process has begun. Democrats will do anything to stop every architect, engineer, manager, foreman, and worker who would dare replace the old with something new. 

Donald Trump builds things. He takes things and makes them better. Sometimes it means firing the former management. Sometimes it requires selling off an unproductive asset. Sometimes it means total destruction of the old structure, replacing it with a completely different one that is more efficient, more cost effective, more profitable. 

In the end, we'll look upon the shiny new building in awe. We'll marvel at how quickly it rose from the rubble, better, stronger and more beautiful than the dilapidated structure that once stood in its place. We'll marvel at the foresight of the architect, and, more importantly, we'll recognize that it took a Wrecking Ball to get the process started and a Builder to finish it.

And the naysayers will be echoes of the past.