Seven Shocking Statistics on Immigration

Posted: Feb 13, 2019 6:00 PM
Seven Shocking Statistics on Immigration

Source: AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza

Day after day, we are told that the immigration crisis is non-existent. We are told that firm border control makes us emotionless animals, and we are pushed to allow for uncensored immigration. Leftists appeal not only to our hearts but also to our Christianity – and Ann Coulter wants you to know they are utter hypocrites. Coulter’s Adios America: The Left’s Plot to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole is an expose of the many ways the Left abuses our immigration system to get more votes and to get more dollars.   Not only that – “Adios America” has been said to directly impact President Donald Trump’s immigration policy. Read on to uncover some shocking immigration statistics that Coulter uncovered as she researched this earth-shaking book.

Drugs Drugs Drugs

40,000 Americans were killed by illegal drug use in 2010, surpassing car accidents and shootings as cause of death. Most drugs in America are smuggled in from Mexico.

Incarcerations Galore

Until 1970, a steady 0.1% of the immigration population was in prison. Then, after Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act, the prison population skyrocketed. If the incarceration rate had remained the same, there would only be about 310,000 people in prison today. Instead, there are more than 2 million prisoners in America. Since 1970, the U.S. population has increased by one-third, but the prison population has nearly sextupled.

Welfare Abuse (Paid for by YOU)

Immigrants with a high school degree net about $14,642 in government benefits yearly. Those without a high school degree collect an average of $36,993 per year in government benefits, while the average college-educated American pays $29,000 more in taxes than they receive in benefits.

Adios, California

In 1980, California was home to 4.5 million Hispanics. Today, there are officially 14 million. There are more Hispanics in California than there are people in 46 other states.

ISIS vs. Immigrants

Including 9/11 deaths, about 4,000 Americans have been killed by Muslim terrorists in the past few decades, versus 23,000 Americans killed by Mexicans.

You Might Lose Your Head

We always hear about ISIS beheadings, but the greater threat is our southern border. Between 2007 and 2011, 1,300 people were beheaded by gangs in Mexico, including women and children.

Crimes Over Crimes

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, New York City, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Harris County (TX), and Maricopa County (AZ) are incarcerating more than 110,000 criminal illegal aliens. Each arrested illegal alien had committed an average of twelve offenses. Based on the GAO’s estimate of offense types committed by criminal aliens, that would amount to approximately 2,750 drug arrests of immigrants in Israel, 5,500 motor vehicle violations, 2,750 assaults, 800 rapes, and 400 murders – and that is only counting illegal alien crimes.