Book Review: Marc Cameron's 'Tom Clancy Power and Empire'

Posted: Nov 09, 2018 2:15 PM
Book Review: Marc Cameron's 'Tom Clancy Power and Empire'

If you haven't heard of the late Tom Clancy or his #1 New York Times bestselling Jack Ryan series, it's time that you came out from under your rock and picked up "Tom Clancy Power and Empire" by Marc Cameron. If you're already a Tom Clancy and Jack Ryan fan, you're definitely going to want to pick up this book, as Cameron's novel doesn't disappoint and is one that would make the late Clancy proud.

From the outset, the book is a page-turner; it immediately introduces various characters and storylines that hook the reader and keep them waiting to see how seemingly unrelated events in the plot begin to intertwine.

The novel begins with nefarious actors from China's Central Security Bureau ensuring a particular set of cargo containers are loaded onto the CGSL Orion. The Chinese oil tanker's destination is Seattle, Washington, but a massive explosion rocks the ship as it travels through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, leaving many wondering what the tanker and its crew were unknowingly transporting.

Back in Texas, Jack Ryan, Jr., along with Clancy's beloved character John Clark, The Campus' director of operations, is looking for a Chinese journalist by the name of Eddie Fang, who has ties to a Mexican cartel and the Chinese Triad. Though a stakeout fails to lead Ryan, Jr. and The Campus crew to Feng, Roy Calderon, a Department of Public Safety trooper gets a break. During what should be a routine traffic stop, Calderon saves the life of a girl who's a victim of a child sex ring. Shockingly, the young girl happens to have a thumb drive that belongs to the journalist, Feng. After searching the thumb drive, a connection arises. Feng is found to have ties to a suspicious payment that was made the same day the CGSL Orion exploded.

Throughout all of this, President Jack Ryan is preparing for the quickly approaching G20 Summit and is dealing with a formidable Chinese government and its leader Premier Zhao. Zhao appears to want to make negotiations all the more difficult for the president as other attacks and events around the world make it seem as if everything is spinning out of control. Yet, there's a sinister connection to all of the madness.

This political thriller, as Kirkus Reviews describes it, is yet "another turbocharged, take-no-prisoners Ryan yarn."

"Tom Clancy Power and Empire" was Cameron's first installment in the series after he took over for Mark Greaney, and it's a must-read. As The Real Book Spy stated in its review:

For a universe as vast as the one Clancy created, Cameron obviously did his homework. Not only is the plot well-written, but the characters all feel real and authentic, something diehard fans will no doubt appreciate. The Ryan in this book reads very much like the version portrayed by Harrison Ford, coming off as calculated and poised, but with a touch of panache. Always the smartest guy in the room, Cameron’s version of Jack Ryan is true to form, and a ton of fun to read.

Author Marc Cameron is a Texas native who spent 29 years in law enforcement where he served in roles from a uniformed police officer to a SWAT officer and detective. Not only does Cameron have the talent and courage to serve, but he also has the ability to craft a compelling and attention-grabbing novel. And a fun fact about Cameron, he's conversational in Japanese and also the author of the New York Times bestselling Jericho Quinn novels.

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