All I Want for Christmas...Is to Be as Savage as Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Posted: Dec 14, 2017 5:35 PM

Democrats hate her (#Tolerance)...

Feminists despise her (#GlassCeiling)...

Progressives want her silenced (#Diversity)...

And the liberal media dreads her.

Who is she? She’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

In case you’ve been hiding under a freshly broken shard of glass from one of the ceilings being broken all over Washington D.C. lately - keep reading, it gets better.

She’s the 3rd female to ever hold the office of the White House Press Secretary.

- Dee Dee Myers was the first under Clinton (1993-1994)
- Dana Perino was the 2nd who served under Bush in 2007

And it’s no surprise that Trump put her there because she’s perfect for the job. In fact, Trump (who the feminist banshees claim “hates women”) has always put women in prominent roles.

For example, I just read “The Art of the Deal” last year.

In it, Trump wrote (in 1987, mind you):

"It’s funny. My own mother was a housewife all her life. And yet it’s turned out that I’ve hired a lot of women for top jobs, and they’ve been among my best people. Often, in fact, they are far more effective than the men around them." ~Donald Trump

But I digress. This isn’t about Trump, it’s about Sanders.

Here’s why she’s a complete professional and well-suited for the role of White House Press Secretary:

She doesn't play their stupid game.

Whose game? The progressive press of course. You know, the ones who literally worshipped Obama because of his skin pigmentation? Those ones. 

Instead of going down their asinine rabbit holes, she's simply there to represent President Trump. She's not there to answer stupid questions, spend needless time on idiotic games, or apologize for our President.

For example, when asked "What are President Trump's flaws?" by an NBC reporter, her answer was this:

"Probably that he has to deal with you guys on a daily basis.”

Dead stop. Boom! Roasted.

For the first time in a long time, liberals are running for their safe spaces because the White House Press Secretary isn't their puppet.

Check out this recent scolding. Here she is putting MSM on blast (and rightfully so) for purposefully putting out 100 percent objectively false propaganda:

"There's a very big difference between making honest mistakes and purposefully misleading the American people. Something that happens regularly. You can't say -- I'm not done. You can't say that it's an honest mistake when you are purposely putting out information that you know to be false or when you're taking information that hasn't been validated, that hasn't been offered any credibility and that has been continually denied by a number of people including people with direct knowledge of an incident. This is something that -- I'm speaking about the number of reports that have taken place over the last couple of weeks. I'm simply stating that there should be a certain level of responsibility in that process." ~Sarah Sanders

Now I could list zinger after zinger but you've probably already seen a lot of them:

- She trolls the trolls...
- She ignores reporters who are there to play “gotcha!”
- She limits their questions…
- She tells them to do their jobs…
- She calls out fake news (& fake reporters)...
- And she doesn't back down for a second.

Bottom line:

SHE runs the show - not the progressive media. She’s not there to play games or make everyone happy. She’s in a word - savage (like the kids say it).


A powerful competent woman who has proved over and over again that women can do some of the most demanding jobs on the planet.

Feminists should be proud like they were when Kellyanne Conway became the first ever female to run a successful presidential campaign.

Oh, wait...

Sarah Sanders is a “Boss," so why are the feminists silent?

Sarah Sanders is an excellent example of female empowerment. But, where’s Beyonce? No concert for Sarah Sanders? Isn’t Sanders “slaying it” right now? I guess not because the fake third-wave chupacabras HATE her.

HATE her.

Yep. Some examples?

Here are some recent headlines:

“After Promoting Feminism, Chelsea Handler Retweets Video Mocking Sarah Huckabee Sanders” (Townhall)

“Liberal feminists destroy their own cause by diminishing Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ success” (The Blaze)

“How Sarah Sanders and the Women of Trumpland Hurt Women” (Mediaite)

I mean, these are only a few. They come out daily.

I suppose you could scour Twitter to scrape the bottom of the feminist barrel (and it’s a deep, nasty, gross one) but those hate-filled, sexist, woman-hating tweets have no place here on

I don't even think feminists themselves would dispute that they hate Sanders.

But she’s a woman who’s in a powerful political position, so - why?

Here’s why: Because third wave feminists (a.k.a. the most anti-woman group on earth) only want progressive women to smash through glass ceilings.

Full-stop. Their ideology has nothing to do with “women’s rights” (which - that battle was won in the 70’s, I think) and everything to do with attempting to advance a “left of Bernie Sanders progressive agenda.”

So, if a woman earns a position in a prominent place but **DOESN’T** do the following:

- Call herself a “woman of color”
- Wear "p***y" hats...
- CRAVE abortion…
- Blame their failures on “the patriarchy”...
- Have purple hair…
- Make up reasons to be offended by the minute...
- And oh yeah - HATE white men...

Then according to the feminists, that woman would be an Uncle Tom (or...Auntie Tom?)!

But…when a President who recognizes that women have a real and legitimate place in the White House puts women in powerful roles…The banshees start shrieking!


"The Patriarchy has foiled our plans...again!"

"Now we can't vote, drive cars, run for President, start businesses, own homes, be CEOs, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, join the military, teach, preach, run companies, or anything...wait...what are we fighting for again...?"

But it’s okay. Not a lot of people really listen to them.

In fact, according to a 2015 Vox poll, 82% of American women *DO NOT* call themselves feminists. Meaning that MOST women think feminism is irrelevant (because, well, it is). Third-wave feminism is ironically on a mission to destroy femininity. They actually want to demolish womanhood. 

So, we shouldn't expect the feminists to rally behind Sarah Huckabee Sanders anytime soon. Or...ever.

Good thing Sarah isn’t interested in sucking up to the mere 18% of women who call themselves feminists (or the couple soy-latte drinking men who also joined the girl power club).

Sanders has got a job to do - that's it. And she’s doing a damn good one at that. So, BRAVO Sarah.

Even though Beyonce doesn't think so, I think you’re doing a fabulous job.

That’s why all I want for Christmas… to be as savage as Sarah Huckabee Sanders.