WATCH: A Gun Store Owner's Thoughts on "The Trump Effect"

Posted: Apr 06, 2017 3:45 PM
WATCH: A Gun Store Owner's Thoughts on "The Trump Effect"

The gun industry in America is changing. Ever since we kicked Obama out and voted Trump in, there's been a shift happening that's been felt at gun stores nationwide.

Without the constant threat of gun confiscation and anti-Second Amendment legislation coming from the White House, we're seeing some major shifts in the market. I recently sat down with licensed FFL Dealer, Alex Joye Grenier (owner of Patriot Pawn & Gun in Boise, Idaho) to pick his brain on where the gun industry's been, where it's at, and where he sees it going now that Donald Trump is in the Oval Office. 

The Trump Effect

What we're seeing in 2017 under President Trump is the normalization of the gun industry. We've been under an anti-gun presidency for so long, that it's almost surreal to have a man in the White House who is pro-Second Amendment. 

As Grenier points out in the video, similar to real estate, we've seen a number of booms and busts in the firearms market over the years. Under Obama, we saw ammo prices rise and the availability of certain calibers (especially .22, .223, and 5.56) hit record lows. Under Trump, this isn't the case anymore, as ammo is staying on the shelf longer and is becoming easier to find.

We've also seen an all-out leftist assault on the AR-15 over the years, which has underpinned something Grenier discusses in the video called "the fear trade." According to Grenier, "Obama was the best gun salesman of all time, hands down." Why? Because looney lefties have done a great job at demonizing the AR-15 (causing spikes in sales) and desperately trying to legislate it off the market. But, freedom prevailed. 

Now that Trump is behind the wheel, the fear trade has been run off the road, and the market is stabilizing. You can now find .22 ammo, .223 caliber is back on the shelves, and you can even get into a decent AR-15 for less than $600.

This, dear reader, is what we're calling the Trump Effect. And, while it might not be great for gun store owners from a business perspective, it's proving to be a breath of fresh air for gun enthusiasts across the country.

Discussed in the Video:

- What the gun industry was like under Obama vs. under Trump
- How gun sales are being affected by Trump's presidency
- Trends with silencers
- Trends in the AR-15 market
- What's selling and what's not
- Ammo prices and demand for new calibers
- Trends with concealed carry (CCW) demand
- Liberals with guns (Is that really a thing?)
- Future predictions for the gun industry in America


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