One School Board Unanimously Votes to Arm Teachers—And Foot The Bill For It

Posted: Jul 16, 2018 12:00 PM

On Thursday, Lee County School Board in Virginia voted unanimously to allow teachers to carry guns on campus — and the district will foot the bill for the firearm, WJHL reported.

"The only way to fight a gun if somebody comes through these doors with a gun to shoot our students, is with another gun," Board Chairman Michael Kidwell said.

The Board contemplated this issue over the last year. According to WJHL the majority of teachers and parents were onboard with the plan.

"At least it gives us a chance. If we sat there and did nothing, I couldn't sleep at night. At least we're trying to do something," school board member Rob Hines said.

According to the Board, arming teachers is the most financially viable option for protecting students. They do not have the funds to hire School Resource Officers and purchase metal detectors for every school in the district.

Superintendent Brian Austin said only a limited number of teachers at every school will be armed. They will be required to go through a rigorous application process and training before they're allowed to carry on campus. Austin also said the district will not disclose the names of teachers who decide to partake in the program.